Work in Progress

I have many projects on the go. I am currently working on two children’s stories which are jumping around in my head and are on paper waiting to find the light of day. Also in the hunt for an illustrator who can bring my words to life.  I have just released my second novel called ‘The Fates’ which is intended to be the first of a trilogy, although it can stand on its own. Many people think of the genre of Science Fiction to be like  ‘Stars Wars’. ‘The Fates’ does take place in the future but has a society with less not more. A different view of the future which resulted from humankind’s excesses. The first of the anticipated three books takes you on a journey from where we began (the present) and explains how through greed, vanity and selfishness we get to a point where people consume more than is possible. Lose their vision of what it is to be human. Humankind’s quest for immortality and everlasting beauty creates some unthinkable actions which will take the reader to the point where book 2 will begin.

Currently I am working on a third novel which I hope to complete this year before concentrating on Book 2 of ‘The Fates’. I hope to share some thoughts and stories as I create this third book through my blog. Share some posts about the process to create this yet to named tale. My first entry was entitled ‘Creating a Storyboard’.

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