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Say Goodbye to the Residential Parking Pass

  Residents of the Exchange will need to save their loonies and toonies!! It would have been easy to get angry at the Winnipeg Parking Authority (WPA) upon receiving a letter stating formally that the current Residential Parking Pass will no … Continue reading

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The Adventures of WestJet Flight 1833

Travelling is always an adventure. Whether we travel by car, air or are one of those brave souls that take the ultimate adventures by bike, hiking or boat the unexpected can happen. We often don’t plan for a flat tire, … Continue reading

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Beauty Abounds

There was a discussion in a writer’s group I belong to that asked a seemingly simple question about ‘How do you define beauty?’ I have thought about that question as I write and then as I have taken some time … Continue reading

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Who’s in our Homes?

The Internet has changed the world. Our ability to access information, share information, connect with people throughout the world, share ideas, publicize products and get information instantly. With this still ever-changing technology it has been difficult for society and parents … Continue reading

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