Happy Birthday Canada

July 2013 025

Happy 146th Birthday Canada. It was a great day to live in the downtown. No need to park your car and you could enjoy the events from the Living Flag. That is me in the far right corner.

living flag

Being at an event like ‘The Living Flag’ truly gets one to appreciate the multi-cultural make-up of Winnipeg and Canada. Some of our proudest and most colourfully decorated citizens displaying all the red and white they could were our ‘New Canadians’. It makes one wonder if that is because those of us that grew up here take for granted the gifts Canada has to offer. As much as I love to travel there is always something great about coming home. Our Parliament Buildings and our history of accepting the diversity of our citizens is certainly something to be proud of.

After the Living Flag which was also highlighted by ‘Salsa ‘ dancing (see below) it was a stroll to Osborne Village to listen to music, taste food and continue to celebrate as Winnipeg’s cultural mosaic continued to be highlighted through a diversity of food, clothing and music


July 2013 010

From Osborne Village it was a wonderful walk along Assiniboine to the Forks. From the people getting wet in the fountain behind ‘The Leg’ to the sunbathers in the Park. Once at ‘The Forks’ the multi-cultural flavour of the day continued with music and dancers from a variety of cultures.

July 2013 040         July 2013 034

The Forks was bustling with excitement at all venues from the Patios to the stages to the skateboard park and of course Scotiabank Stage in preparation for the evening concerts and fireworks. Nothing matches the backdrop of the ‘Human Rights Museum’ set to open sometime next year.

July 2013 044

The heat of the day meant it was time to take a break from the sun and prepare for the excitement of the evening. The concert which ended with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra was the perfect way to celebrate all that is Canadian. The final three songs with Imaginary Cities just added to the spectacle of the evening.

Fireworks 003               Fireworks 002

So if you have never had the opportunity to enjoy Canada Day in Winnipeg it certainly is worth a look. Lots of people but everyone is friendly and helpful. Inexpensive food and many two one for one specials on those cold drinks on a very warm day. To be topped off by Fireworks and hearing the happy cheers of the youngest Canadians certainly made it one great birthday party.


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