Children of the Rope 2 – We are all Connected

Children of the Rope 2 Hashim Hannoon

Children of the Rope 2
Hashim Hannoon

Hashim Hannoon was born in Basrah, Iraq 1957 and graduated from institute of Fine Arts-Baghdad in 1979.He received his Bachelor of Sculpture/College of Fine Arts-Baghdad in 1999 and is a Member of Iraqi Artistic Forming Assembly and the Babylon Assembly of French Arts. Since immigrating to Canada there has been an evolution of his works with more vibrant colours and the incorporation of people into his work.

Children of the Rope 2 for me displays this evolution through the vibrant blues, greens and oranges and unique textures and melding of these colours while making the people the focal point of the piece. Like most Art Work this piece can not be truly appreciated unless viewed in person. The texture and colours come to life. Yet despite the vibrant colours and textures a thin black rope brings together what I believe is his message. The painting seems to take his past life experiences (many painful-see below) and training from Iraq to a Canadian experience to help us all realize that be it in the smaller context of our homes, communities, cities, countries or more globally we are all connected. How the ebbs and flows of each person’s life can affect everyone.

At times as portrayed by the one larger person who is holding onto the rope we find ourselves as parents, community members and teachers trying to hold on to our children to keep them safe but also wanting them to reach out and experience the vibrancy of the world under our protective guidance.

Now of course this is my interpretation of this magnificent piece of Art. As you look at the piece it may say something else to you and as Hashim Hannoon painted both Children of the Rope and Children of the Rope 2 this may not have been the message he wanted to convey. For me as I see a world where our children are trying so desperately trying to be connected through the many social media methods it is important that we help guide them through our ever closer global neighbours. Helping them understand that each of us are important to how colourful and vibrant our life will be. After all whether we always admit it or not we are all connected and our actions good or bad make a difference.


Hashim Hannoon


A respected artist in the middle east, this Iraqi born artist immigrated to Canada in 2009. Writing in The Golden Medium, a monograph published for Hannoon’s 2008 solo exhibition in Amman, Jordan, critic Khalid Khudayer describes Hashim Hannoon as a realist and an abstract expressionist. He believes that Hannoon’s style of abstraction captures the “golden medium”, the perfect balance between form and colour.
Wherever he lives, Hannoon seeks to achieve contact with the spiritual existence of a place. Since coming to Canada, the concept of the city has become a theme in many of his canvases. He is not concerned with painting a literal portrait of a place, rather his interest lies in capturing the essence of community and how it enriches the city. This process results in abstract images of gentle beauty that invite the viewer to experience his vision for the city through the filter of his imagination.
As a result of his acquaintance with the hardships of war, the abstract paintings of Hashim Hannon spring from a milieu quite different from that of many of his North American colleagues. Since arriving in Canada, he continues to remain honest to the spirit that permeates his experience. Painful memories are often a force that cannot be ignored. Once brought into the light and shared with others, however, the same memories can have the power to bring hope. In this way, though born from tragedy and sorrow, the paintings of Hashim Hannoon radiate optimism and an overwhelming vitality

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