City Hall takes Responsibility?: Not Me

City Hall Gives Answers

City Hall Gives Answers

Contractors openly joke they can take on a city project at cost and still make a hefty profit with “change orders” and other upgrades made by the city after contracts have been awarded. Why can’t the specifications be examined and firmed up before going out to tender? Who is held accountable for all the changes made after contracts are awarded? The answer is… nobody.

Mike O’ShaughnessyPosted: 10/23/2013 1:00 AM

In our search for answers in to what is happening with our money at City Hall it doesn’t seem to matter what questions we ask when it comes to who is responsible and who will be accountable for the mess our current Municipal Government is in. The answer remains the same ‘Not Me!’ Unless major changes are made to how we operate and go about our business Winnipeg will continue to see project cost overruns, questionable if any tendering processes, limited access to information to a fair and equitable process allowing all developers the same opportunities to access city projects.

“You definitely need a cultural change at city hall,” said Colin Craig, Prairie director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Bureaucrats slammed for fire hall fiasco by Aldo Santin

THE Ernst & Young audit of the city’s fire-paramedic station construction project lays blame on just about every aspect of the project from beginning to end. Many Winnipeggers feel the Ernst & Young Audit should just be the start. The Audit raises more questions in regards to the involvement or lack of involvement of the Mayor, the EPC and all councillors. When asked about the report City Administrators evaluation  is “It’s important to know that right through the whole process, the administration, through due process and best intentions and also following policies and procedures we interpret on an ongoing basis, were following best practices of the city,” Ruta said, adding it will take time to implement all of the recommendations from the audit. (Bureaucrats slammed for Fire Hall Fiasco, 01/23/2014). In simple terms: Not Me!!

We all are aware it is all to common to have to many decisions being made behind closed doors.  Behind closed door decisions may happen with private companies or major corporations but this is our money and our lives that are being affected by decisions of City Hall. Governments must be held to a higher standard!!

Where Decisions are Made?

Where Decisions are Made?

A new Christmas tradition – Firehall Fairy Tales by Shindico, Monday, December 09, 2013

Councillor livid firm gets $10M despite errors, Winnipeg free Press, By: Bartley Kives, 09/10/2009

There seems to be a culture with city run projects where it gets awarded before councillors, the press and the people of Winnipeg are even aware what is happening. In a recent study by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy Winnipeg ranked low in transparency. Mayor Katz however is on record as stating…“there is no level of government more open, honest and transparent than this government right here…. (Mandating transparency … or killing P3s?, June 12, 2012). It is clear Mayor Katz’s definition of transparency and accountability is different the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and many if not most people of Winnipeg.

Transparency of Information

Transparency of Information

Despite the Audit and the upcoming Police Headquarters Audit it doesn’t appear we will get anymore answers other than ‘Not Me!!’ Clearly in the upcoming election we have the right to elect a new Mayor and a new batch of city councillors but will that bring about the changes required. The entire system needs to be changed from how tenders are done, how consulting firms are selected and the day-to-day operations of the city. Our councillors need to be held more accountable for what is happening in each of the departments. Council Meetings need to be less political and more about the betterment of our city. Our city needs a leader who holds people accountable and expects and acts with integrity.

We need our questions answered.

We need the police to investigate the questions we are left with as a result of the Fire Hall Audit and the upcoming Police Headquarters Audit.

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3 Responses to City Hall takes Responsibility?: Not Me

  1. Sid says:

    Without putting people under oath, you will never get the answers. At this point this is a provincial government issue. A statute exists where a Commissioner can convene an inquiry if the province believes impropriety’s were committed. Police are only called in when evidence supports the belief.

    Harvey Smith was the only councillor who stood up from day one of this yet to evolve mess, and publicly voiced his concerns.

    If it weren’t for a CBC reporter walking his dog, this “sting” would have gone unnoticed, which implies, the whole of Council was asleep. No one has apologized to the taxpayers. They should all be sacked.

    A top down review of the City Administration is required. Department heads who should have know or knew, should be immediately removed.

    A Code of Conduct should be implemented NOW by the Corporation known as the The City of Winnipeg , with or without the Public Services input. The dog must wag the tail , not the other way around.

    In 20 years of contracting for the City, I have always bid on completed specifications with a firm price.Then again, in the last 5 years or so, I haven’t been able to bid on any project since my trade was buried into the build scope and not subject to public bidding ( why have a Purchasing Department – Materiels Management )


    • I agree Sid it is time to have an investigation. Many will think it cost too much money but in the end given how much the current way we are doing business is bankrupting our city we have no choice. Perhaps it is time to get the province on board, although I think they would be reluctant given the upcoming election.


      • Sid says:

        Funny how “cost too much money ” comes up when dealing with corruption that does cost us alot of money. Wasn’t that the excuse the judge gave for not “impeaching ” the mayor after she found that he had behaved unethically.

        Only way to get the Provincial Government on board is for Council to lobby them hard to get an investigation. I suspect in this smallish community , there is alot of overlap as to who is scratching who’s back.

        On council we see a body with no teeth. They can go after the administration. They choose not to. I have 4 department heads and 3 senior staff on my list who should be shown the door.


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