The Fates


The Fates

The Fates


I am excited to announce that my second novel is completed and now available on-line through Trafford Publications in Hardcover or Paperback as well as through Amazon on a Kindle.

Available in Hardcover and Paperback at Trafford Publishing

To view or purchase hardcover edition click here: The Fates

To view or purchase paperback edition click here: The Fates

On Kindle though Amazon: The Fates

A Book Launch is scheduled on June 4, 2014 

McNally Robinson Booksellers

Winnipeg, Manitoba

“The Fates” follows society’s search for immortality. The exploration of what each of us would sacrifice if it meant that we could live forever. Changing societal values and reducing the importance of community has resulted in a society that continues to put the needs of the individual first. The Fates explores a society made up of those that put their needs ahead of all others versus those that believe the spiritual self is the destiny of all humans. The conflict in a society and each individual that devalues the basic human characteristics that make each of us unique manifests itself in some devastating outcomes.

Each day we are faced with decisions of what each of us value and what each of us will fight for. The youth of today are influenced by an increasingly uncontrolled and self-centered ideas about how they should live. The path is being set in our world where through media we are changing culture. ‘The Fates” at one time may have seemed like science fiction, however with our knowledge of genetics increasing and our belief that immortality can only being obtained through science rather than spiritually or though the legacies we create in making our world a better place for our children. Pierre Elliot Trudeau once said ‘Absolute Power corrupts absolutely’ one can only imagine the results of a society and it’s already declining moral values if we all knew we were living forever and would not have to face the consequences of a life not lived well.

Click here for a sample from the book

About the Author:

James W. Hoddinott is a teacher, resource/special education teacher, and consultant and currently works as a vice principal. James is interested in making a difference in his own life and the lives of others. He is a believer in strength-based education and helping students find what it is that is their gift. He is an advocate for students with special needs and individuals who have not yet found their way. He also believes in creating healthy communities which understands the importance of people. The Fates is his second novel, which focuses on a world where the needs of one or a few are more important than the needs of the many. Imagine a world without a social conscience.

James W. Hoddinott

James W. Hoddinott



About jameswhoddinott

My novel 'When Eagles Dare to Fly' represents my belief that good will always triumph over evil and by developing who we are on the inside we will find our way. My newest novel 'The Fates' was released earlier this year that examines a society that discovers immortality. I have a blog called an 'Author, blogger and his musings' which talks about my writing, political issues as well as other areas of interest like education, art and photography,
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