Celebrating Inclusive Education

Yes I canOn Thursday, February 19th, 7 pm at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg  Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children celebrates students, families, educators and community at the Yes I Can!! awards.

The Yes I Can Awards celebrates those individuals who are making a difference in the education of students and children but more importantly recognizes the accomplishments of the students themselves and the incredible differences they have made in their own lives and often in the lives of others.

Manitoba Minister of Education, Peter Bjornson has proclaimed the month of February as ‘Inclusive Education Month.‘ Minister Bjornson has been and continues to be a committed supporter of creating Inclusive classrooms, schools and of celebrating the successes of students at the ‘Yes I Can Awards’.

Yes I Can Awards 2014

Yes I Can Awards 2014

In 2014 over 500 people attended the Yes I Can Awards with many students receiving International Yes I Can Awards nominations.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Yes I Can Awards. The awards ceremony will once again be hosted by the always humourous Glen Cassie. This years ceremony will be opened by a girl’s drumming group from Knowles Centre called ‘Four Direction Singers’.

The 2015 Yes I Can Awards will celebrate the achievement of students and educators from across Manitoba.

The MCEC Yes I Can! Awards are presented to exceptional children and/or youth to recognize their achievements in the following categories:

Academics; Arts; Athletics; School and Community Activities; Self-Advocacy; Technology; and Transition.

The MCEC Yes I Can! Awards also recognize the achievements of those that assist in making Inclusion possible. The areas recognized are:

Teaching, Leadership, Certificate’s of Recognition, Outstanding Achievement, Outstanding Educator, Teacher of the Year and Educator of the Year.

The MCEC Yes I Can! Awards also provides scholarships:

MCEC awards Transition Scholarships to encourage life-long learning of individuals with exceptionalities and Academic Scholarships to encourage and support the future of education for students working with exceptionalities. Scholarships are funded by MCEC from proceeds from the annual conference and through donations to the Winnipeg Foundation. The Winnipeg Foundation manages the Morris and Yale Hirsch Memorial Scholarship fund and the Winn Thompson Fund, both of which assist MCEC in funding these scholarships.

Please mark your calendars and attend the 25th Annual Yes I Can Awards at 7:00 pm at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg Manitoba. The Yes I Can Awards will be an evening that will touch your heart and provide inspiration that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.




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