Painting our Canvas

Three Tables Beach

Three Tables Beach

“Today was about chasing sun-rays, beach waves, & sunsets. All things beautiful that give you peace are worth chasing. Everything else isn’t.”
April Mae Monterrosa

Perhaps one of the most beautiful things to behold is a sunset. I have been fortunate enough to find myself in many parts of the world taking a moment to appreciate a sunset. Whether on the Canadian Prairies or on one of the islands of the South Pacific, Australia, Costa Rica or most recently the North Shore on the island of Oahu to name but a few, a sunset like a snowflake or people, no two are exactly the same.

The romance of a walk on the beach, holding the hand of your girl as the sun glistens on the water. Skinny dipping or drinking wine by the pool as the sun disappears from view. A time to reflect on the day of those things we didn’t get a chance to do.

The Rose Petal, James W. Hodddinott

Sunsets are a simple pleasure filling my mind with thoughts and ideas as I reflect on life and the world around me. There was almost an eerie calmness amongst those sitting or standing, as each of us in our own way, breathed-in the sun’s grandeur as it kissed us all good night. I’ve never been one that sees the sun setting as the end but rather as a reminder of nature’s wonder and it’s beauty that is there for us to enjoy. That same wonder and beauty can be found inside each of us if we just give it a chance to come out. Sometimes as April Mae Monterrosa indicates our own beauty like that of a sunset can be hidden by the dark clouds that we can surround ourselves with. Those dark clouds take hold of our brush as we chase after things that can never bring us the happiness we are all so desperately in search of.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

Last night the sunset was more magical, hypnotic than most I have experienced but alas the only camera at my disposal was my mind. The sun provided the men, women and children sitting on Sunset Beach three sunsets in one. The first one painted the sky with bright oranges, and hues of pink colouring the pale blue sky and the waters of the Pacific as it slowing descended behind the clouds that lay far beyond the horizon. If you turned your back or believed sunset had ended as the clouds captured the sun bringing on dusk, you would have missed the sun’s resurrection as it came back to life spreading saffron beams throughout the darkening sky.  Even the once dark clouds, that marred the horizon, became amber and gold as the sun widened its brush colouring the night sky.



Once again as it appeared dusk had erased the sun’s canvas when like the rabbit being pulled from a magician’s hat appeared high in the night sky rose-coloured clouds scattered with hues of yellow and red reminding us that even when the sun is gone, what was, still remains. Like the sun, each of us have the power to paint our canvas and to add colour to the canvas of those around us. Are we chasing after those things that will truly bring us peace?

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  1. cav12 says:

    I do love sunsets and sunrises, especially when the colours are dynamic and spellbinding.


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