About Me

I have been a classroom teacher, resource/special education teacher, consultant and currently work as a Vice-Principal in a Middle School, author and now blogger. I guess that is more about what I do rather who I am.

Interested in ‘Making a Difference’ in my own life and the lives of others. A believer in strength-based education and helping students find what it is that is their gift. An advocate for students with special needs, individuals who have not yet found their way as well as trying to develop a decision-making system with a social conscience. Advocate for human rights, ending poverty, the power of education and building an inclusive society that can benefit everyone.

I am the author of two novels, ‘When Eagles Dare to Fly’ and ‘The Fates’. Story-telling has led to the evolution of  my writing which has always been a passion. It is through stories that we can learn to understand humanity and the human condition. I am currently working on my third novel called ‘Blood Moon’ and hoping to release it in 2015.

I enjoy Art although not an artist, enjoy telling stories and writing to express my opinions and connect with others to learn as much as I can to allow myself to see the world through different lenses. I also enjoy travelling and seeing the wonders the world has to offer. Perhaps the best part of travelling is spending enough time in another part of the world so we get to see the world through someone else’s viewpoint and experiences.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

8 Responses to About Me

  1. cho wan yau says:

    Always good to meet a fellow educationalist passionate about children’s learning and their personal development and empowerment. I strongly believe in the power of education to alleviate poverty and defeat ignorance which breeds hatred and misunderstanding.

    Thanks for following my blog.


  2. Emma Windsor says:

    Hello James….thank you for the like on my Izabel Goulart blog….xx


  3. Thanks for sharing it is always great to see thsoe who have attained celebrity status use their status for good. Diabetes effects many people and Izabel is bringing her voice to the drive for a cure.


  4. cav12 says:

    Hi James, always great to meet another teacher, especially one who works with children with special needs.
    Best wishes in your writing career.


  5. Kelly-Lynne Reimer says:

    HI James, I am wondering if you would be willing to come speak to my grade 11 English students about the issues facing winnipeg?


  6. Hello James. I was referred to your blog via Linked In. The magic of social media! Always nice to ‘meet’ another Manitoba author. Cheers to a better world.


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