Chandra Kremski

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I had the opportunity to meet a young Canadian Artist named Chandra Kremski. Her work was breathtaking and I found myself returning to see it over and over again. I started to talk to her and it was easy to sense that her work was from a passion inside of her. As I listened to her talk about how she paints and how each piece of her goes into her paintings I knew I needed to purchase one of her paintings.

I had her come to my place and get a feel for my home. In the end as we chatted I left it to her to create a painting from her that I would have the privilege to hang in my home. The piece above creates the passion and calmness found in each of us. If you get a chance visit Chandra’s website. I may be biased but ‘Tri’ is my favorite.

Chandra Kremski is an emerging young artist with a unique talent for bringing colours together in bold and dramatic ways.  Born in Viking, Alberta and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Chandra recently lived in Yellowknife to broaden her perspective on Canadian culture and find inspiration to achieve new and greater successes on her journey as a professional artist. She now resides in Winnipeg, MB.

“My paintings are statement pieces.  They are bold and confident.  I want people to look at my art and see their own story, feel their own emotions… I want them to be inspired.”

Chandra describes her style as ‘abstract-contemporary’.  Her work makes use of bold colours in a modern abstraction that urges the viewer to draw their own interpretations.  In this way, Chandra connects with the viewer on a highly personal and intimate level.  Her pieces reach into your soul and what they draw out is unique to each individual and experience.

“I create in my home… that is where I find the greatest inspiration to create.  I prefer to paint on the floor because it allows me to interact with the piece more intimately. I walk around the canvas  coming at my painting from different angles, allowing me to achieve the perfect blend of colour.”

As an artist, support and inspiration are the building blocks of creation.  Chandra credits her success to her mother who recognized her artistic abilities and encouraged her to be creative from a young age.  For Chandra, to create art is to connect with herself in a meaningful way.  Through her art, she expresses her passion and love for life with the use of colour, texture and abstract design.

Please visit her website at:

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