Andrew Valko

 stand off act of God 32

I certainly am not an art critic or profess to be able to tell people what Art they should buy or like but I know what Art speaks to me. Andrew Valko’s art speaks to me, makes me think and enlightens me. The more I look at his pieces the more I see and the more I become connected to the piece I am looking at.

My first exposure to Andrew Valko was in a picture of ‘Stand Off’. The first part that grabbed me was the eyes. ‘Stand Off’ is part of a Drive-In series of paintings. To me the piece comes alive and as a writer so to speak the more I looked at the painting it continued to tell me a story. Andrew Valko is able to say in his Art what an author spends hundreds of pages trying to say in their book. Through his brush he makes his subjects real. I had a chance to see ‘Stand Off’ briefly before it sold and the photograph did not do the piece justice.

I had an opportunity to see a few more of his pieces and they all have a story to tell.The magic in his pieces like ‘Skype Love’ and ‘This is my Last Chance to Love You” have powerful messages in these brilliant and thought-provoking pieces. Each time you look at his work, there is more to see and his paintings get more interesting as time goes on. His paintings to me will be timeless. Years from now when some one is looking at his work they too will see the life he brings to all aspects of his work. Looking closely at the people in his works it is like you can feel what they feel.

I also admire his ‘Act of God’ series. These charcoal drawings are exquisite and the contrast of the light to the charcoal to the impending tornado like in his ‘Act of God #32’ is magical. Don’t trust me though as I am by no means an Art critic. Go visit his website or better yet drop into a Gallery and see one of his pieces in person and let his work speak to you.

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