Wanda Koop – Heart and Soul


On Tuesday evening, April 15th I had the opportunity to attend Wanda Koop’s book launch at McNally Robinson. In her recent book simply titled ‘Wanda Koop’ she shares a display of striking and thought-provoking images that give everyone a glimpse into Wanda Koop’s heart and soul.

Wanda Koop is one of Canada’s renowned artists whose work has gained acclaim internationally. For me, her book tells the story of the creation of her paintings and photographs. The use of these two mediums in the book allows the viewer to catch a glimpse of Wanda Koop’s creative eye and visual imagery.

Wanda Koop’s work is displayed in The National Gallery of Canada as well as numerous private and museum collections including the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, the Reykjavik Museum in Iceland, the Shanghai Museum of Modern Art in China, the Caldic Collection in the Netherlands, as well as the Bank of Montreal, and the Royal Bank of Canada. Wanda Koop is more than just a recognized artist as she is well-known for her community work and started in Art City in Winnipeg. Art City is located in Winnipeg’s inner-city, Art City is a community arts centre that offers high quality, free-of-charge art programming to those who need or wish to express themselves creatively. Wanda Koop is also a recipient of numerous national and international honours, including in 2006 a member of the Order of Canada.

Wanda's Studio

Wanda’s Studio

I had an opportunity to meet Wanda Koop and get a glimpse into her studio. Having the opportunity to see her numerous works in progress and more importantly talk to her about taking her idea or often photographs to canvas. It was easy to see what turns her visions into work of arts. Within five minutes of listening to her and seeing her work it was obvious she is something special. Wanda’s work can go from soft pastel colours, images of contrasting colours and landscapes that soothe the viewer, to futuristic sketches like the ones in her book Face to Face.

The book titled simply ‘Wanda Koop’ is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the Art of one of Canada’s most recognized artists. A glimpse of what makes Wanda Koop special. Her heart and soul.

To learn more about Wanda Koop:

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